Malt extract

The Malt Extract is a super high value natural product, produced with a brewer’s philosophy. Our Malt Extract is a dark brown, viscous malted barley. It has a subtle malted barley taste with a typical malt flavour, free from off-flavours.

Our Malt Extract is produced by enzyme assisted hot water extraction, followed by filtration and concentration under vacuum evaporation.

Malt beverages are refreshing, naturally healthy and contain no-alcohol. The ideal beverage for everyone.

Amstel Products supplies perfect malt extracts and compounds in The Netherlands for you. With our concepts you can participate in this beverage segment and take profit from the worldwide growth of non-alcoholic malt beverages. To produce malt beverages, we offer several concepts. We offer Tailor made compounds, Pure malt extracts and total product concepts. Our special malt products are favorurite to produce classic malt beverage, fruit malt mixtures or fancy taste solutions.